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Routine release of information

The Department of Justice, along with other government agencies, is committed to increasing the amount of information routinely disclosed to the public.

Regular updates are released on a range of topics outlined below.

News and Events

Organisational Structure

Annual Report and Publications

Departmental policies

The Department has released a number of its Department Policies.

Community Consultation

The Department  undertakes community consultations on Government projects, law reform initiatives and services. Members of the public can have their say on issues and provide feedback to influence government decisions.

Policy and Program initiatives

Information on major policy and program initiatives and statistical information relating to the Department is routinely released, including:

Employment and Workforce Statistics

Information about the Tasmanian State Service workforce is published twice a year by the State Service Management Office.

Department of Justice workforce statistics as of 30 June each year can be found in our Annual report.

Senior Executive Service Information

Please refer to the State Service Management Office.

Gifts and benefits register

The Department of Justice Gifts and Benefits register is updated each quarter and includes information for previous financial years.

Telecommunications expenditure

The Department of Justice releases its telecommunications expenditure costs on or around the end of January and July each year.

Contracts and Consultancies

Please refer to the Tasmanian Government Tenders website.

Sentencing Statistics

The Sentencing Advisory Council releases sentencing statistics covering both the Magistrates Court and Supreme Court.

Additional Categories of Data

The Department releases a number of other datasets relating to the following -