Got a fine

  • If you have received an infringement notice or a court fine, don't ignore it.
  • The notice you receive will tell you what options you have.
  • You have only 28 days to comply with the conditions on the notice.
  • If you do nothing, you will receive an enforcement order after 28 days.
  • An enforcement order will cost you more and allow enforcement sanctions to be imposed against you.
  • Payment in full at any time will halt enforcement action.

The penalties add up quickly (as shown below)

Infringement notice (original value must be paid within 28 days) $172.00
Enforcement fees + enforcement order (After 28 days) $86.00
  + driver licence suspension $51.60
  + vehicle registration suspension $51.60
  + publish the amount you owe on the MPES website $51.60
  + enforcement warrant fee to seize and sell your property $172.00
Total =   $584.80

If you do nothing, your original $172.00 infringement notice could become a penalty of $584.80.

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