Breaking the Cycle

The Breaking the Cycle vision for the Tasmanian corrections system is a reduction in reoffending and an increase in the ongoing safety of the Tasmanian community by providing a safe, secure, humane and effective correctional system with opportunities for rehabilitation, personal development, reintegration and community engagement.

Strategies for throughcare

Our vision for throughcare in the corrections system is to provide a quality and collaborative throughcare model in partnership with other agencies and the community that supports people across the corrections system, with coordinated assistance and interventions to maximise the potential of each individual.

Throughcare is a coordinated, collaborative approach to reducing the risk of reoffending. It covers those in the corrections system from their initial contact to completion of their sentence and successful reintegration to the Tasmanian community.

The strategies and action items outlined on the Strategies for improving throughcare for offenders page will support a throughcare approach and help to ensure our community is safer.

The throughcare strategies sit alongside the Breaking the Cycle: A Strategic Plan for Tasmanian Corrections 2011-2020 that was released in April 2011. The goals and strategies contained in that strategic plan remain very relevant.

The strategies and actions outlined in both documents are a mixture of long-term and short-term actions to be undertaken in Corrections and are the result of extensive consultation with stakeholders.

Progress and major initiatives

The Tasmanian Government has now released the second report on progress (DOCX, 80.9 KB) and information on major initiatives 2018. Similar reports will be prepared annually for publication.

Review the information on major initiatives 2017.

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