Visit a prisoner / remandee

The Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) encourages family and friends to keep in touch with prisoners and remandees while they are in custody.

Keeping in contact with people in the community can help to support the remandee or prisoner while in custody and is also important in helping ex-prisoners to readjust to life in the community when they are released.

Book a visit

Please choose a prison to learn how to book a visit, along with the answers to many other frequently asked questions.

Risdon Prison Complex

Southern Remand Centre

Ron Barwick Prison

Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison

Hobart Reception Prison

Launceston Reception Prison

Rules and requirements when visiting

The TPS has many rules to ensure the safety of the public, prisoners, remandees and staff. The rules can change from time to time and can vary from facility to facility. For that reason any instruction you receive directly from the prison or Correctional Officers overrides what you read on this website and must be followed.

Along with the prison pages listed above, the following pages contain useful information:

What to expect when you visit a prison

What you can bring to the visit

Children visiting

Arranging a visit and general information video

Virtual (Zoom) visit conditions

Visitor Application Form

Family and friends need to become approved visitors before booking a visit. Click here to lodge a Visitor Application Form.

Updated: 15th September 2022