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Parole Board of Tasmania

The Parole Board consists of four members appointed by the Governor of Tasmania:

  • one must be a Legal Practitioner with at least seven years' experience.
  • one must have experience in sociology, criminology, penology or medicine (or possess any other appropriate knowledge or experience).
  • one is to be a person who has knowledge and experience of victim of crime matters.
  • one is to be a person who has experience serving as a Police Officer in Tasmania, or in another State or a Territory of the Commonwealth, and is not currently serving.

The Chairperson of the Board is to be appointed by the Governor from among the members of the Board.

The Parole Board has the authority to:

  • grant parole.
  • defer making a decision on whether a prisoner should be released on a Parole Order.
  • refuse to release a prisoner on a Parole Order.

The Parole Board takes into consideration the following points before making a decision about granting parole:

  • the likelihood of the prisoner re-offending.
  • the protection of the public.
  • the rehabilitation of the prisoner.
  • comments made on passing sentence (by the Magistrate or Judge).
  • the likelihood of the prisoner complying with Parole Order conditions.
  • the circumstances and the gravity of the offences committed.
  • the behaviour of the individual while in prison.
  • the behaviour of the prisoner during previous Parole Orders.
  • the behaviour of the prisoner during other court orders (e.g. a Community Correction Order).
  • any reports provided to the Parole Board.
  • the probable circumstances of the prisoner after release from prison.
  • any statements provided by a victim, or the parent or guardian of the victim, for the offence/s in question.
  • if the prisoner is a sex offender, any assessments concerning their participation in appropriate treatment.
  • any other matters the Parole Board thinks relevant.

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