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Community Corrections Tasmania

We work with offenders in the community

Community Corrections is a division of the Department of Justice. We work with offenders who are on community based orders and contribute to a safe, fair and just Tasmania by providing a combination of support and accountability to inspire positive change in their lives.

Community Corrections services are provided through a number of offices located state-wide.

Major functions of Community Corrections

Community Corrections supports a variety of non-custodial sentencing options including the supervision and oversight of:

  • Parole Orders
  • Drug Treatment Orders (through the Court Diversion Program)
  • Community Correction Orders, which can include supervision and/or community service
  • Home Detention Orders.

Our core activities include:

  • conducting assessments and preparing reports for the Magistrates and Supreme Courts, as well as the Parole Board
  • case managing and supporting offenders, with a focus on exploring and confronting offending behaviour with the aim of reducing re-offending
  • delivering programs and interventions aimed to reduce re-offending
  • partnering with stakeholders to assist with offender rehabilitation and reintegration
  • supervising offenders to ensure compliance with community based orders
  • returning offenders to court on breach/review action in response to order non-compliance.

Our mission

To work with offenders on community based orders to reduce re-offending and contribute to a safer Tasmania.

Our vision

As a progressive organisation that has the trust and confidence of the public, Community Corrections will help protect Tasmanians by:

  • ensuring compliance and providing supervision for people on community based orders
  • working with offenders to facilitate change by developing pro-social behaviour, and
  • working with the community to provide opportunities for reintegration.

Community Corrections are committed to achieving the goals within Breaking the Cycle: A Strategic Plan for Tasmania Corrections 2011-2020. For a copy of this strategic plan for the whole of Corrective Services in Tasmania you can visit Breaking the Cycle.