Evidence of identity requirements

Identification requirements

You must supply at least 3 forms of current identity.  At least one document must contain your current address.

Please select documents from the categories below:

  • One document from category 1, 2 and 3


  • Two documents from category 2 and one from category 1 or 3


  • Two documents from category 3 and one from category 1 or 2.

Documents marked with an asterisk  (*)  means they can be verified by the online Document Verification Service (DVS).  If the details are verified you will not need to provide a scanned copy of the document.

Identification documents

Category 1

*An Australian birth certificate

*Citizenship certificate


New Zealand citizenship certificate together with passport

New Zealand birth certificate

Category 2

*Australian driver's licence

*Australian passport


Firearms licence

Foreign passport

Proof of age card

Category 3

*Medicare card

*Services Australia card (Centrelink)

*Australian marriage certificate (issued from BDM office)

Department of Veteran Affairs card

Security/Crowd control licence

Tertiary education institution ID card

Credit Card/bank statement

Recent utility account with current residential address (issued within last 3 months)

Lease or rent agreement with current address

Australian Taxation Office assessment with current address

If you are unable to meet these requirements, please contact BDM for further advice.

If you are applying by post you will need to get your identity documents certified (confirmed) as true copies of the original documents by one of the following:

Justice of the Peace (external link)

Commissioner for Declarations (external link)

Barrister or Solicitor

Notary Public (external link)

Australian Embassy Officer or Australian Consulate Officer (external link)

If you are applying for a certificate at a Service Tasmania shop (external link) you will need to take your original identification documents with you.

Evidence of change of name

If you have changed your name please provide one document from below as evidence.

  • Adoption paper issued by Court
  • Divorce paper issued by Court, indicating the name being reverted to
  • Change of name registration from Australia or overseas issuing authority
  • Guardianship order
  • Relationship certificate (not required if registered in Tasmania)
  • Marriage certificate from Australia or overseas issuing authority (not required if registered in Tasmania)

Online utility accounts/statements

  • If you submit printed online bank, superannuation or utility statements they must have an official company letterhead or be stamped and approved by the bank, superannuation or utility company.
  • Financial statements, utility accounts, rates notices or superannuation fund statements must have been issued within the last 12 months.

Overseas identification documents

  • If you live overseas you can provide overseas equivalents to Australian identity documents, such as a foreign drivers licence.  Documents that are not written in English must be accompanied by a translation from a national accredited translation authority.
Updated: 11th April 2022