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Before searching for a Justice of the Peace (JP), please review the following information.

JPs and Commissioners for Declarations (CDs) can sign documents that need an authorised witness.

Generally, a CD can sign most documents, including:

  • witness signatures to documents
  • certify a true copy of an original document (subject to any specific instructions)
  • witness a statutory declaration

A JP can:

  • witness signatures to document
  • certify a true copy of an original document
  • witness a statutory declaration
  • certify a person's identity
  • witness an affidavit for use in court

Review the signing page of your document to determine what service you need. For example, if your document requires you to ‘declare’, a CD can sign your document unless there are instructions requiring a JP.

CDs are often more convenient to find. Find a list of professions and appointment holders who are Commissioners for Declarations.

A number of regions also offer JPs signing clinics.

Document witnessing centres (JP signing clinics)

Hobart Service Tasmania, 134 Macquarie Street Thursday and Friday 10am - 2pm
Glenorchy Council Offices, 374 Main Road Monday  10am - 2pm
Rosny Service Tasmania, Bligh Street Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm
Kingston Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway Wednesday 10am - 2pm
Launceston CH Smith Building, 23 Charles Street Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday10am - 3pm
Devonport24 Edward StreetTuesday and Thursday10:30am - 12:30pm

To search for a JP in your location

Once selected, JPs in or near your area will be listed from closest to furthest away


While all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the accuracy of the information published, the information in this database is subject to advice provided by individual JPs.
In these circumstances, the Department cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.
If while attempting to contact a JP, the details appear to be incorrect, you may provide feedback.