Apply for a death certificate

In many cases, you won’t need to apply for a death certificate because the funeral director will do it for you. If you do need to apply for yourself, we can only issue a death certificate after the death is registered.

How to apply for a death certificate

You can also apply for a death certificate by:

Who can apply for a death certificate

You can apply for a death certificate if you are the deceased person’s:

  • parent
  • child
  • partner - evidence of the relationship must be provided
  • legal guardian - non-parent guardians must provide evidence
  • executor of their estate, administrator or trustee – evidence must be provided
  • power of attorney or have written consent to act on the person’s behalf – evidence must be provided

Anyone can access a death record more than 25 years old.

Types of death certificates

Standard Death Certificate

An official, certified copy the death registration details held by Births, Deaths and Marriages. It is required for most legal purposes.

Deaths registered from 1970 onwards do not show the cause of death on a standard death certificate.  If you want this information you will need to apply for a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

Extract of Death

Contains name, sex, date and place of death only.

Cause of Death Certificates

Cause of death will be on a standard death certificate if the death was registered before 1970.  If the death was registered in or after 1970 you will need to apply for a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is not available for Coroner's cases.  You will need to contact the Coroner's Office (external link).

How long will it take to get my certificate

Standard service – approximately 2 weeks. It can take longer during peak periods.

Priority service (additional fees apply) – If your application has been approved your certificate can be issued on the same day.

Your certificate will be sent by registered post and/or express post.

If you lodge a priority death certificate application at one of the following Service Tasmania centres, it may be able to be printed onsite, ready for you to collect.

Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, Huonville, Scottsdale and Sorell.  Service Tasmania shop locations (external link)

Death registered interstate or overseas

See other Australian and overseas registries for what you need to do

If you need more details, contact us.

New certificate paper

From 2 August 2021, certificates in Australia will be printed on new security paper.
If you have an official certificate printed on older security paper, you don’t need to purchase a new certificate unless details on it have changed.

Updated: 25th August 2021