Getting married

Choosing a marriage celebrant

An authorised minister of religion or a civil marriage celebrant can perform your marriage ceremony.  Contact details are listed on the Commonwealth Attorney General's website.

Notice of intended marriage

To be married in Tasmania, or any other Australian State or Territory, you need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form. This is available from the marriage celebrant who you choose to perform your marriage ceremony. You can also download the form from the Commonwealth Attorney General's website.

You must lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage form with the proposed celebrant at least one calender month before the date you are planning to marry.  You and your partner also need to provide the marriage celebrant with:

  • Evidence of date and place of birth and proof of identity.
  • Evidence of the termination of any previous marriages in the form of a decree absolute, if divorced, or a full death certificate if widowed.
  • Any other information the celebrant may require.  Your celebrant may also ask you to complete a statutory declaration to support your evidence.

After the ceremony has taken place and your celebrant has lodged the registration documents with Births, Deaths and Marriages, you can apply for a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Marriage overseas

If you are planning to marry overseas we advise you contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (external link).

Marriage equality

You can find the latest information about marriage equality and the new marriage forms on the Commonwealth Attorney-General's website (external link).

How do I change my name after marriage

Visit change of name

Marriage questions and answers

Will our overseas marriage be recognised in Australia?

If you are already legally married in another country, your same sex marriage will be recognised in Australia.  You do not need to register the marriage in Australia.

How to find a marriage celebrant

Births, Deaths and Marriages does not conduct Registry Office marriage ceremonies.  You can find contact details for marriage celebrants on the Commonwealth Attorney-General's website.

What will appear on the marriage certificate?

You have the option to choose the description of each person to the marriage when you complete the marriage paperwork.  You can choose 'groom', 'bride' or 'partner'.  The latest marriage forms are available on the Commonwealth Attorney-General's website.

Can a registered relationship be converted to a marriage?

A registered relationship cannot be converted to a marriage.  If you are in a registered relationship you now have the option to marry your partner in Australia, if you wish.

If you need more details, contact us.

Updated: 1st September 2021