Register a caring relationship

What is a caring relationship

A caring relationship is a legally recognised relationship, where an adult is caring for another adult.

Your caring relationship does not have to be registered to be recognised, but you may find it useful to have a certificate to prove that your relationship exists in emergency situations or when dealing with government agencies.

You can register a caring relationship in Tasmania whether or not you are related by family and:

  • you both live in Tasmania
  • you are not married, a couple or in a registered relationship
  • you are not receiving payment for the care of the other person.

How to register a caring relationship

To register your relationship, both parties need to:

Step 1

Complete a registration form (one form per couple)

Step 2

Obtain a Certificate of Legal Advice to confirm that each party has received advice about the legal effect of registering a caring relationship (completed by a legal practitioner). Each party must obtain a separate certificate.

Step 3

Provide proof of identity and evidence that you both live in Tasmania

Step 4

Pay the registration fee. This fee does not include a certificate.

It takes at least 28 days from the date we receive a complete and valid application to register the relationship.

Once registered, you can apply for a relationship certificate.

Use the Withdrawal of application to register or revoke a relationship if you need to withdraw an application you have already lodged. There is no fee for this application, but you will not be refunded the original revocation fee.

Certificate of Legal Advice (Section 62 certificate)

Use this form if you need to prove that at party to a relationship has received legal advice about the advantages and disadvantages of entering into a personal relationship or separating. It is required under Section 62 of the Relationships Act.

Updated: 13th June 2019