Certificates are sent by Registered Post.

  • If you would like your certificate sent by standard mail, courier or overseas please contact us.

Certificate fees

  • The fee for Registered Post ($5.55 including GST) is already added into certificate prices below.
Type of Certificate


Standard Certificate Fee for an official birth, death, marriage, change of name, or relationship certificate.


Priority Service
This service ensures that an approved and completed application will be processed and issued within 24 hours.

Please note: Personal cheques are not accepted for the priority service.

$58.25 plus


Decorative Birth Certificate You cannot use a decorative certificate for official purposes, such as proof of identity.


Standard Birth & Decorative Package  


Extended Search A standard certificate application includes a five year search.  You will be charged an extra fee ($18.70) for every additional five years searched.   $58.25 plus $18.70
Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (post 1970 deaths only) A certified copy of the original medical certificate showing cause of death only. $58.25

Registration fees

Type of RegistrationDescriptionPrice
Change of Name Registration Application to register a change of name including the issue of a change of name certificate sent by Registered Post. $211.25
Deed of Relationship Registration Application to register a deed of relationship.  This does not include issue of a certificate.  $205.70
Revoke a Deed of Relationship Application for the revocation of a deed of relationship.  This does not include issue of a certificate. $85.00
Gender Registration Application to register gender.  This does not include issue of a certificate. $205.70

Change and correction fees

Type of AmendmentDescriptionPrice
Correct a Record Application to correct information in the register. $56.10
Add Parent or Marriage to a Birth The addition of details to a record. $205.70

Additional postage fees

Postage typeDescriptionPrice
Express Post (within Australia)  


International Registered Postage   $17.71
International Standard Air Mail $3.20

Additional years search fees

Date of birth, death or marriage unknown

If the date of a birth, death or marriage is unknown (e.g. family history searches) an extra fee will apply.  For searches of more than 5 years, please add an additional $18.70 for each 5 year period.

Marrying overseas / evidence of single status

If you intend to marry overseas you may need to obtain a certificate to prove you have not been married in Tasmania for a period of time (sometimes called a 'single status certificate').  You will need to state the years you would like searched on the marriage application form and add an additional $18.70 for each 5 year period.  This fee covers the cost of searching registry records.

Updated: 1st July 2022