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Findings - Deaths in Custody Inquest (PDF, 840.9 KB)

Guiding Principles for Corrections in Australia

The guidelines and the accompanying principles constitute outcomes or goals to be achieved by correctional services rather than a set of absolute standards or laws to be enforced. They represent a statement of national intent, around which each Australian State and Territory jurisdiction must continue to develop its own range of relevant legislative, policy and performance standards that can be expected to be amended from time to time to reflect 'best practice' and community demands at the state and territory level.

Indigenous Strategic Framework

The Indigenous Strategic Framework guides the management of Indigenous prisoners and offenders in Corrections across Australia and New Zealand.

It was developed by the Corrective Services Administrators’ Council (CSAC) Indigenous Issues Working Group and was endorsed by the Corrective Services Ministers’ Conference (CSMC) in July 2016.

It should be used in conjunction with Guiding Principles for Corrections in Australia.

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Updated: 1st January 2021