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Ron Barwick Prison

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(03) 6165 7400

Select option 1 for a personal visit (family/friends) or option 2 for a professional visit (legal representative, for example).

Bookings are to be made no later than 4:00pm the day prior to the requested visit, and are subject to availability. Only approved visitors will be granted access to the prison.

Please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start time of the visit.

For visits scheduled in the Ron Barwick Prison there is a maximum of two people visiting with a prisoner or remandee (including children) at Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions.

A maximum of three people visiting with a prisoner or remandee (including children) at 10:50am sessions on Saturday and Sundays.

A maximum of three people visiting with a prisoner or remandee (including children) at Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.

Please check our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update for the latest information on visiting arrangements.

All visits are to be booked by the visitor.

Visiting days

Monday to Sunday (7 days)

Visiting times

Contact visits

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

1:00pm and 2:30pm

Saturday and Sunday

9:30am (Ohara only), 10:50am, 1:00pm and 2:30pm

Zoom visits

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday



10:00am, 11:00am and 4:00pm

Saturday and Sunday

9:30am (Ohara only) and 4:00pm


Frequently asked questions

Do I need approval to visit?

To visit you will need to become an approved visitor. Before you can become an approved visitor, the prisoner or remandee will need to nominate you.

If you are not nominated, you will not be allowed to visit. Once you have been nominated, the Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) will send you an application form.

This application form must be returned to the VRC with a copy of current photographic identification. Please allow up to 5 business days for your application to be processed, then call the VRC to check the progress of your application.

If your application has been approved, you will need to ring the VRC to book a visit before arriving at the prison. All visits must be booked with a minimum of 24 hours notice and no further than 7 days in advance.

Do I need to confirm my visit?

Yes, we suggest you phone the prison to confirm the visit - especially if you are travelling a long distance. This is because sometimes prisons are in 'lockdown' and visits are cancelled, or the person you are visiting may have been moved to another prison or become ineligible for visits.

Do I need to bring identification when I visit?

Yes, proof of identification must be provided at each visit.

You can find out more detail on the what to expect when you visit page.

Will I be searched before entering the prison?

Yes, you will be asked to assist staff to ensure no prohibited items are brought into the prison.

You can find out more detail on the what to expect when you visit page.

How often can I visit?

Please check with the individual prison.

Can children visit?

Yes, children can visit. However anyone under the age of 18 must be in the company of an approved visitor, who is their parent or legal guardian.

Read more about children visiting.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, there is a dress code when visiting prison facilities. If you do not meet the appropriate dress code, you will not be allowed a visit.

You can find out more detail on the what to expect when you visit page.

Can I smoke during a visit?

No, smoking is not permitted anywhere on prison grounds, including the driveway and carpark.

Tobacco products are also not to be brought onto prison grounds.

What is appropriate behaviour?

Appropriate behaviour

During a contact visit the following behaviour is acceptable:

  • a greeting and goodbye embrace and kiss
  • holding hands.

Inappropriate behaviour

The following behaviour by you or the person you are visiting will not be tolerated and may result in the visit being stopped:

  • prolonged or frequent touching and kissing that is deemed to be inappropriate by prison staff
  • lewd, inappropriate, offensive or disruptive behaviour
  • people believed to be under the influence of a substance will not be allowed to enter the prison or will be asked to leave the visit.
Can I use the toilet facilities during a visit?

Using the toilet during the course of your visit will result in termination of that visit. Toilets are located in the Visitor Reception Centre.

Can staff stop a visit?

Yes, if there is any breach of prison regulations or inappropriate behaviour a visit can be stopped or changed to a non-contact visit.

You will not be allowed to enter the prison if you are inappropriately dressed, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Can a visit be delayed or cancelled?

Visits may be delayed if someone is running late or if there are security concerns for example. Efforts are made to minimise delays but sometimes they can't be avoided.

Visits will need to be cancelled from time to time. Once again, efforts are made to keep these to a minimum but will occur if:

  • the prison is in lockdown
  • the person you are visiting has lost privileges due to a breach of prison rules
  • the visitor does not follow the rules and procedures of the visit
  • the prisoner/remandee has moved to another prison.
What are the different types of visits?

Contact visit

Conducted in designated areas within the prison. Limited physical contact is permitted between the prisoner/remandee and visitor.

Non-contact visit

No physical contact is allowed between the prisoner/remandee and visitor. These visits are conducted in specially designed cubicles. You might hear them referred to as 'box visits'.

Virtual visit

No physical contact between the prisoner/remandee and visitor. These visits are conducted using the software system Zoom from the comfort of your own home or private space. You might hear them referred to as 'video’ or ‘virtual’ visits.

Professional visit

The rules for professional visitors are different and anyone wishing to make a professional visit should contact the prison to obtain details first.

Professional visitors include:

  • Officers of the Ombudsman's Office
  • Legal practitioners on official business
  • Official visitors
  • Approved Centrelink staff, and
  • Probation Officers.
Can I visit on Christmas Day?

No, the Tasmania Prison Service does not facilitate visits at prison facilities on Christmas Day.

What are my transport options?

North and North West

City Mission provide a bus to Risdon Prison for people who live in the North or North West of the state wishing to visit relatives in prison. The bus runs every second Saturday each month and twice in December.

To make a booking please call City Mission during office hours Monday to Friday on (03) 6335 3000

Please remember once you have secured a seat on the bus you will need to ring the prison to book the visit for the same day.


For visitors without a car, please consider using a taxi or ride share service, or check the Metro Tasmania website for your local bus timetables.

Updated: 1st January 2021