Tasmania Prison Service

Depositing money into prisoner accounts

Prisoners have two types of accounts, a private monies account and a prisoner earnings account. Cash and other forms of currency are not allowed in the prison.

Private monies account - Family and friends are able to put money into prisoners' private accounts. This money can then be used for phone calls and other approved purchases.

Prisoner earnings account - Prisoners can earn an allowance while in prison. A prisoner's allowance depends on the work or other activities (education/programs) they are doing while in custody.

To buy things in the prison, prisoners use money from their prison accounts.

Prisoners may use the money in their earnings account to buy items through the prison canteen. These include toiletries, food items, and craft supplies.

Deposits can be made at the Visitor Reception Centre, through any Service Tasmania outlet or via Secure Payment Services. Cheques and money orders may also be sent through the mail. Anyone depositing money for prisoners is required to provide their full name, address and proof of identification.

Deposits are limited to $100.00 and the balance of a prisoner's private money account must not exceed $300.00.

Frequently asked questions

Can I deposit money into the prisoner's phone account?

No. All money deposited into a prisoners account goes into their Private monies account, the prisoner must then transfer funds from the Private monies account to their phone account.

What are the benefits of using Secure Payment Services?

Family, friends and the community will be able to make payments to prisoners via the online service and won’t have to leave their home.

How does a person register to send secure payments to prisoners?

Persons wishing to send secure payments to prisoners must register with the service provider on the Secure Payment Services website.

How much does the service cost?

Processing Fee: 3% + $0.58

Card Payment Fees: 0.77% of total amount

Transfer Fee: $0.36

Who manages the service?

Secure Payment Services is managed by Unilink Software Limited, who perform all administrative functions relating to the service, facilitate the service and liaise with senders on behalf of the Tasmania Prison Service.

Do Prison Services Staff provide prisoner information to Secure Payment Services or their customers?

No. It is the responsibility of external parties to identify prisoners and their locations in order to send payments to desired recipients.

How does a prisoner receive payments?

Prisoner funds will be distributed via the normal payment disbursement process into their private accounts.

Updated: 1st January 2021