What you can bring to the visit

As a rule, bring in as little as possible as you are not allowed to take anything into the prison with you. Any essential items you bring with you (e.g. medication, wallets, cash, bank cards, keys) must be left in the lockers that are available at the Visitor Reception Centre.

Strictly prohibited items

  • beanies, hats, hooded tops and baseball caps
  • mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, recording devices
  • cigarettes, tobacco
  • drugs, syringes or any other drug paraphernalia
  • weapons (guns, knives etc)
  • chemicals, flammable liquids, explosives
  • medication: over the counter, prescribed or herbal (carriage of diabetic pens and epi-pens subject to approval by a Superintendent)
  • alcohol and alcohol-based products
  • bags for personal property, non-transparent, (i.e. briefcases, backpacks, handbags, wallets, purses etc)
  • personal property, including keys (other than Visitor Reception Centre locker keys), money, bank cards, personal identification
  • electronic games consoles, electronic gaming headsets, smart watches, laptops, I-Pads and tablets, MP3 players, iPods, electronic storage devices including USB flashdrives, memory sticks, heart rate monitors (except where approved by a Superintendent)
  • multimedia items, CDs, DVDs, films, videos, prohibited publications
  • electronic items, including rechargeable toothbrushes, razors, clippers etc (except for medical reasons, subject to approval by a Superintendent)
  • lighters, matches, candles, incense, aerosol-pressure spray cans
  • any food or drink
  • metal cutlery, glass bottles or glass containers, non-transparent lunch boxes
  • colours, patches, gang identification and associated clothing
  • paint, pens and highlighters with non-transparent casing, scissors, blu-tak, knitting needles
  • tattooing materials, tools, weights, magnets or magnetic devices.

Medically required items

Application must be made to the Superintendent of the facility to bring any personal items into a prison facility that you are required to carry with you for medical reasons, such as Asthma ventilators, walking sticks etc.

You are not permitted to take medication into the prison. If you are going to need medication during your visit you should discuss this with prison staff before attending.

Baby items

For each infant taken into a visit, only one full baby’s bottle (in a clear/transparent bottle), one disposable nappy and one dummy will be allowed. Powder and wipes are provided in the visit area of all prisons.

Items for prisoners or remandees

Prisoners and remandees must obtain prior approval before visitors are allowed to bring in any items for them. If you are bringing in approved items, they must be given to the Visitor Reception Centre staff prior to your visit. See the frequently asked questions below for more details.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring money, gifts and other personal items to give to the person I am visiting?

No item or substance may be directly given to a prisoner or remandee by a visitor or vice versa without the approval of a Correctional Officer.

Prisoners and remandees must obtain prior approval before visitors are allowed to bring in any items for them, or post any items to them.

If a visitor is bringing in or sending an approved item, they must give or post the item to Visitor Reception Centre staff. Please call the Visitor Reception Centre to check for approval prior to sending in or dropping off items of property.

Items must be purchased brand new and be presented along with a store receipt to the Visitor Reception Centre. If items are posted, the store receipt must be included in the parcel. Please include a return address should these items need to be returned to you.

All mail and property is screened to ensure it meets our security requirements.

If you wish to provide money to a prisoner or remandee, please see the depositing money into prisoner accounts page.

Can I bring food or something to drink into the visit?

No, you cannot bring anything into the visit unless you have been given permission to do so, or it is for infants as outlined above.

Will I be able to buy food?

Tokens and vending machines in visiting areas are currently not in use.

Can I smoke during a visit?

No, smoking is not permitted anywhere on prison grounds, including the driveway and carpark.

Tobacco products are also not to be brought onto prison grounds.

How do I book a visit?

Please see the Visit a prisoner / remandee page (and the prison pages it links to) for details on how to book, visiting times, prison details and related frequently asked questions.

Updated: 1st January 2021