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Students and research

The Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) is committed to providing opportunities to students through study placements and the provision of research material that can be used to further enhance students' knowledge of the TPS and related topics.



Breaking the Cycle

Risdon Prison Complex Inquiry

Deaths in Custody Inquest (PDF, 840.9 KB)

Tasmanian Legislation

Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Law Reform Commission

Sentencing Advisory Council

Tasmania Law Reform Institute

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Research projects and applications

The TPS has supported a number of research projects in recent years and has established a Tasmania Corrections Research and Ethics Committee (TCREC) to assess research applications.

The purpose of the TCREC is to promote the responsible conduct of research related to the TPS by following the laws, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice governing the conduct of research in Australia.

Research includes substantial enquiries, investigations or studies by staff from the TPS, external agencies, organisations or persons.

Research does not include requests for information that is readily available and publicly accessible in existing records or publications.

Any person or organisation seeking entry into a TPS facility or access to prisoners, remandees, visitors or TPS staff, for the purpose of carrying out research must make an application in writing to the Director of Prisons for approval to conduct research.

The TCREC will consider and assess all research applications and advise the Director whether an application should be:

  • accepted
  • modified and re-submitted for approval
  • rejected.

Research cannot commence without written approval from the Director. If the research is approved the Director will appoint a delegate to:

  • Review and monitor the progress of the research project in accordance with the Guidelines contained the Statement and Code.
  • Ensure accountability, manage conflicts of interest and handle complaints regarding any research undertaken.

Any person or organisation wanting to seek approval to conduct research can request a copy of the research guidelines and an application form from the Tasmania Corrections Research and Ethics Committee by writing to:

Email: executive.support@justice.tas.gov.au

or via post:

Tasmania Corrections Research and Ethics Committee
PO Box 24
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Study placements

A range of students and researchers have enjoyed placements and projects in the TPS, as they complete their study in a variety of disciplines, including social work, education, business management, criminology and law.

If you are studying a relevant course and you wish to be hosted by the TPS for your placement, you should discuss this with your academic supervisor who can engage with the TPS about the possibility of you undertaking a study placement.

Please direct your correspondence to the TPS Tasmania Corrections Research and Ethics Committee:

PO Box 24
Lindisfarne TAS 7015

Updated: 20th September 2021