Tasmania Prison Service

Parole, remission and release


Some sentenced prisoners are eligible for parole - this means that they can appear before the Parole Board of Tasmania to request a release from custody to serve some of their sentence in the community.

Each prisoner's sentence is different - some will be allowed to apply for parole and some will not (it depends on the sentence issued by the Court). Prisoners are contacted when they are eligible for parole.

For more information about parole, visit the Parole Board website.


Some sentenced prisoners may be eligible for remission. Remission is the reduction in the length of a sentence or a number of sentences. The maximum reduction in remission is 3 months.

Decisions about remission must be made in accordance with the Corrections Act 1997 and the Corrections Regulations 2018.

The Act's provisions about remissions were changed from 1 November 2020.

There are now only limited circumstances where the Director of Prisons may grant remission to a prisoner as an incentive to, or reward for, good behaviour while the prisoner is in custody.

If a prisoner escapes, or attempts to escape, from custody then remission cannot be granted on any part of the prisoner's sentence up to and including the day of the escape or attempted escape.

If a prisoner or detainee is found guilty of a prison offence then the prisoner may lose part or all of his/her remission.

Special management days

The Director of Prisons may grant one or more special management days on account of good behaviour while suffering disruption or deprivation during an industrial dispute or emergency existing in the prison in which the sentence is being served; or in other circumstances of an unforeseen and special nature. The Corrections Regulation 2018 limit the number of days that may be granted.

It is very rare for special management days to be granted. An application for special remission will only be considered if extenuating circumstances exist.

Being released from prison

Prisoners are usually released on a weekday wherever possible, but the actual time of release is not always the same for every prisoner.

Released prisoners will be given the items of their property which have been held in locked storage by the Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) as well as the property held in their possession. They can also obtain any money held in their prison account.

If you want to know a prisoner's release date from custody you should ask the prisoner for this information.

Updated: 1st January 2021