Tasmania Prison Service

Policies and procedures

Director's Standing Orders (DSOs)

Under the Corrections Act 1997, the Director of Corrective Services may make standing orders for the management and security of prisons and for the welfare, protection and discipline of prisoners and remandees.

Under the Breaking the Cycle: A Strategic Plan for Tasmanian Corrections 2011-2020, Corrective Services in Tasmania committed to regularly publishing key information regarding corrective services.

The Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) DSOs available on the links below have been routinely disclosed (under section 12 of the Right to Information Act), as they may be of interest to the public.

A number of DSOs are confidential (under sections 8(1)(e) and (f) of the Corrections Act).

Other DSOs may be available upon assessed disclosure.

1. Safety and Security

1.01 Emergency Situations and Major Incidents (Confidential)

1.02 Use of Force (Confidential)

1.03 Tactical Response Group (Confidential)

1.05 Incident Reporting (Confidential)

1.06 Intelligence and Information Reporting (Confidential)

1.07 Preserving Crime Scenes and Evidence (Confidential)

1.08 Contraband (Confidential)

1.09 Non-intrusive Searching Tools (Confidential)

1.10 Searching (Confidential) (Redacted version for Public Release) (PDF, 20.0 MB)

1.15 Staff Attendance at Prison Sites (off-duty and after-hours attendance) (Confidential)

1.16 External Contractors (Confidential)

1.18 Keys and Locks (Confidential)

1.19 Counts and Musters (Confidential)

1.20 External Escorts (Confidential)

1.21 Radio Network (Confidential)

1.22 Substance Testing (Assessed Disclosure)

1.23 Disciplinary Process (Confidential)

1.24 Separate Confinement of Prisoners (Confidential)

1.25 Communicable Diseases (Confidential)

1.26 Forensic Procedures (Criminal Justice) (Confidential)

1.27 Tool Control (Confidential)

1.28 Persons arrested on Supreme Court Warrants (Confidential)

1.29 Unlock / Lock-Up Processes and Post Lock-Up Checks (Confidential)

1.30 Smoke-free Prison Policy (Confidential)

1.31 Use of Drug Detector Dogs (Confidential)

1.32 Rapid Incident Response (Confidential)

1.33 Protective Orders, Banned Visitors and Prohibited Contacts (Confidential)

1.34 Mechanical Restraints (Confidential)

1.35 Watch-house Detainees (Confidential)

1.37 Section 36 Transfers (Confidential)

1.38 Medical Appointments and Hospital Admissions (Confidential)

1.39 Cut-Down Knives (Assessed Disclosure)

1.40 Managing Prisoners Suspected of Internally Concealing Items (Assessed Disclosure)

2. Prisoner Management

2.01 Suicide and Self-harm Prevention (Confidential)

2.02 Induction and Case Management (Confidential)

2.03 Prisoner/Detainee Primary Contacts (Confidential)

2.04 Classification and Placement (PDF, 327.0 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.05 Accommodation Placement (Under Review)

2.10 Transfer of Prisoners/Detainees between the TPS and Wilfred Lopez Centre (Confidential)

2.11 Payment of Transport Costs for Released Prisoners (PDF, 426.5 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prisoners (PDF, 417.5 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.13 Prisoners/Detainees with Disabilities (Under Review)

2.14 Linguistically Diverse Prisoners (PDF, 345.9 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.15 Transgender Prisoners/Detainees (PDF, 237.4 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.16 Refusal to Eat / Hunger Strike [PDF, 334KB, 5 pages] (PDF, 334.2 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.17 Transfer of Offenders between the TPS and Ashley Youth Detention Centre (Confidential)

2.18 Hygiene and Grooming (Under Review)

2.19 Contract System (Under Review)

2.20 Preventing Bullying (Under Review)

2.21 Records Management (Under Review)

2.22 Consent to Exchange Information (Under Review)

2.23 Change of Name by Prisoner (PDF, 324.5 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

2.24 Prisoners Conducting a Business (PDF, 190.4 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

3. Programs and Industry

3.01 Education and Vocational Training (Under Review)

3.02 Programs (Under Review)

3.03 Work Program (Under Review)

3.04 Prisoner/Detainee Allowances (Under Review)

3.05 Sport and Recreation Program (Under Review)

3.06 Practice of Religion (Assessed Disclosure)

3.07 Notebook Computers for Prisoners/Detainees (Under Review)

3.08 Section 42 Leave Program (Under Review)

3.09 Mother and Child Program (Confidential)

3.10 Section 33 - Working on Prison Property (Assessed Disclosure)

4. Prisoner Services

4.02 Prisoner/Detainee Mail (Confidential)

4.03 Telephone Communication (Confidential)

4.04 Visits (Personal) (Assessed Disclosure)

4.05 Visits (Professional) (Assessed Disclosure)

4.06 Official Visitors (PDF, 208.1 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

4.07 Food Services (Under  Review)

4.08 Health Services (Under Review)

4.09 Canteen Services (Under Review)

4.10 Interstate and  International Transfer of Prisoners (Under Review)

4.11 Prisoner Marriage (PDF, 266.9 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

4.12 Prisoner/Detainee Monies (Under Review)

4.13 Newspapers, Magazines and Other Periodicals (Under Review)

4.14 Prisoner/Detainee Property (Under Review)

4.15 End of Life Care, Planning and Support (Routine Disclosure)

5. Corporate Administration

5.02 ID Cards and Visitor Passes (Confidential)

5.03 Use of Government Vehicles (Under Review)

5.04 Donations to the TPS (PDF, 205.5 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

5.05 Prison Transfers – Correctional Officers and Correctional Supervisors (Under Review)

5.06 Media Access (PDF, 356.3 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

5.07 Maintenance (Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison, Risdon Prison Complex and Visitor Reception Centre) (Confidential)

5.08 Flash Drives (Confidential)

5.10 Research Projects (Under Review)

5.11 Complaints Process (Assessed Disclosure)

6. Miscellaneous

6.01 Policy and Operating Procedure Documentation Framework (PDF, 273.8 KB) (Routine Disclosure)

Other Policy Documents

TPS Performance Management Framework (PDF, 149.1 KB)

TPS Core Performance Framework (PDF, 99.4 KB)

PDFs require a PDF reader to be viewed. Follow this link to download a PDF reader or contact us if you would like to request the publication in an alternative format.

Updated: 20th September 2021