Tasmania Prison Service

Interstate and international transfer of prisoners

Interstate transfers

A sentenced prisoner can apply for an interstate transfer if they wish to move to another Australian State or Territory on welfare grounds. The application process is different for prisoners serving a state sentence and prisoners serving a federal sentence.

For prisoners serving state sentences, the interstate transfer application is sent to the Tasmanian Minister for Justice and, if it is supported by the Minister, the application is then forwarded to the appropriate interstate Minister for consideration. Detailed information about the process for prisoners serving federal sentences is available on the Attorney-General's Department website.

If you know a prisoner who wants to apply for an interstate transfer, they should contact their Case Officer or a Planning and Reintegration Officer at their prison for assistance with this process.

International transfers

Sentenced prisoners with family or community ties to another country can apply for an international transfer.

These transfers are managed by the Australian Government, and the Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) regularly sends information brochures to prisoners who may have foreign citizenship or known family/community ties overseas.

If you know a prisoner who wants to apply for an international transfer, they should write to the Director of Prisons who can arrange for contact to be made with the Commonwealth Government.

Updated: 1st January 2021