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Court Mandated Diversion and Drug Treatment Orders

Sentencing may include a Court Mandated Diversion to treatment and rehabilitation services.

  • About Court Mandated Diversion

    A Court Mandated Diversion is a sentencing option that diverts eligible offenders into treatment for their drug use.

    About Court Mandated Diversion
  • Intent of the program

    The Community Mandated Diversion program aims to break the drug-crime cycle by involving offenders in treatment and rehabilitation programs.

    Intent of the program
  • Treatment services

    The range of treatment options available for Community Mandated Diversion offenders will depend on what is most suitable for their needs.

    Treatment services
  • Entry into the program

    To be accepted into the Court Mandated Diversion program a defendant must undergo assessment to determine whether they are eligible and suitable.

    Entry into the program
  • Delivery of the program

    A Court Mandated Diversion takes between 18 and 24 months to complete. There are many different people who are involved in the delivery of the program

    Delivery of the program
  • Obligations

    Court Mandated Diversion offenders have restrictions placed on them and are required to meet various obligations.