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Programs assist an individual to confront their criminal behaviour, develop a pro-social attitude and implement positive life changes.

Community Corrections Tasmania offers a range of programs and interventions for individuals on community based orders to lower their risk of re-offending.

We assess individuals and provide programs according to the key principles of the RNR model:

Need; and

The Risk Principle:  This principal matches the level of treatment to the level of risk. High treatment intensity is reserved for high and medium risk individuals; as low risk cases have a lower probability for further offending.

The Need Principle:  To have the greatest effect on re-offending, rehabilitation programs should attempt to address needs that are directly related to the offending.

Is where the treatment mode is matched to individual characteristics, such as motivation and willingness to change. Responsivity entails delivering programs in a way which an individual can relate to and understand.  This principal also cater for any barriers to participation, such as low literacy levels.

Current Community Corrections programs include:

  • The EQUIPS Suite of Programs
  • Parole Awareness
  • Family Violence Offender Intervention Program
  • Sober Driver Program
  • Court Mandated Diversion Program