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Court Mandated Diversion

The Court Mandated Diversion (CMD) program provides Magistrates with an option to divert eligible offenders into treatment for their drug use. CMD aims to break the drug-crime cycle using the authority of the court to ensure that offenders access the services and treatment necessary to address the issues that contribute to their drug use and offending.

CMD commenced as a pilot program in Tasmania in 2007. The program has continued to evolve since that time focusing on strength and evidence based approaches to assist offenders in breaking the drug-crime cycle.

Following a plea or finding of guilt, eligible and suitable individuals can be diverted into drug treatment through sentencing to a Drug Treatment Order (DTO) where a Magistrate will continually review the individual's progress on the order. A DTO is an intensive community based sentence that has a custodial sentence attached.

Prior to sentencing to a DTO, the Court must request an assessment report from CMD. The report will take into consideration eligibility and suitability factors.

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Contact Numbers

You can get further information about the program by ringing CMD in your region:

  • Hobart: 6165 4977
  • Launceston: 6777 2895
  • Burnie/Devonport: 6477 7169