Tasmania Prison Service

Gifts and personal property

Note: Any item delivered or sent to prison for a prisoner or remandee will be subject to security checks to ensure that items of contraband are not brought into the prison.


Family and friends can provide:

  • socks
  • thermal underwear (white only)
  • singlets (white)
  • short-sleeve T-shirts (white with no logo)
  • bras, cotton underwear and pyjamas will be accepted (MHWP only)

Southern Remand Centre

Remandee's located at the Southern Remand Centre will be able to wear clothing that complies with the following:

  • Clothing not listed as a contraband item such as hooded tops, baseball caps/beanies, gang affiliated
  • No bright coloured clothing, or anything that could be considered to lose colour in the wash and affect other clothing items
  • Cotton jeans and t-shirts are the preferable style/material of clothing

Prisoners and remandees must obtain prior approval before visitors are allowed to bring in any items for them, or post any items to them.

Electrical items


Prisoners and remandees are allowed a television set no bigger than 34 cm (diagonal screen measurement). Remote controls are allowed.

The prisoner or remandee will be notified when the television arrives and has been checked by Security. This can take approximately seven days.

Television sets must be intact (undamaged) and have a serial number.


PlayStation game consoles may be allowed with a maximum of six games. A request form must be completed.

A maximum of ten music CDs are also allowed. All music CDs delivered for prisoners or remandees must be accompanied by a receipt.

Other items

Clock radios and electric kettles can be purchased through the canteen.

Reading material

Magazines and newspapers can be purchased through a local newsagency only. A request form must be submitted.

Prisoners and remandees must have approval to receive magazines and newspapers, families and friends cannot send these items in themselves. There are restrictions on what publications can be received.

Prisoners and remandees have access to library books from Libraries Tasmania, which operates a local branch within the Prison Service.

Updated: 29th July 2022