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Annual Report 2016-17

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Message from the Secretary

In 2016-17 the Department of Justice has continued to pursue our aim of achieving a safe, fair and just Tasmania by delivering a wide range of services, programs and policy projects.

While the scope of our work means it is not possible to list them all, our key achievements during the 2016-17 reporting period include:

  • implementation of the new building regulatory framework which makes it fairer, faster and simpler to build in Tasmania
  • the release of Breaking the Cycle – A Safer Community: Strategies for Improving Throughcare for Offenders 2016-2020
  • establishing a policy unit to progress the implementation of a single state-wide planning scheme
  • planning and consultation around the establishment of Corrections Tasmania which will bring together the Tasmania Prison Service and Community Corrections under one organisational structure which is focused on the needs of the offender
  • development of 17 Bills that were introduced to Parliament during the year and progressing policy and drafting work on many more
  • further investigation of the scope of, and most appropriate model for, a consolidated civil and administrative tribunal which will bring together a range of bodies and functions currently administered or supported by the Department
  • further work on implementing iplan, which when fully implemented will provide an online 'one stop shop' development approvals system and
  • rolling out a comprehensive online learning system that provides staff with access to a diverse range of training programs.

Amongst all these positives I, along with all Department of Justice staff, was saddened by the sudden illness and withdrawal from public life of Attorney-General, Minister for Justice and Minister for Corrections, Dr Vanessa Goodwin. Dr Goodwin has been a strong supporter of the work of the Department and we have worked closely with her in progressing a range of initiatives in recent years.  I would also like to acknowledge the work that staff have done in briefing the acting Ministers who have taken over Dr Goodwin’s portfolios, enabling them to quickly develop an understanding of the Department and continue to progress our extensive work plan.

This report contains further details on the composition of the Department, and the multiple independent statutory bodies we support, as well as the wide range work we have undertaken in the past 12 months. I am immensely proud of the important work the Department does and the effort that our staff continue to put in to provide services to the Tasmanian community and support the work of the Government.

Kathrine Morgan-Wicks
Acting Secretary

About us

Here's a snapshot of our Department as at 30 June 2017. Download our Annual Report from the links below to read about us in more detail.

Quick facts

In 2016-17 the Department

  • administered 235 Acts of Parliament
  • had staff in over 40 office/building locations across the State
  • provided support to six Ministers across its various portfolio areas
  • granted 45,169 people registration to work with vulnerable people
  • awarded 32 contracts with a total value of $7 million dollars - 25 of these, valued at $4.5 million, went to Tasmanian businesses


1,365 staff equating to 1,233.51 full time equivalents (FTE)

746 women

  • 473 female full-time staff
  • 273 female part-time staff

619 men

  • 569 male full-time staff
  • 50 male part-time


  • 11% are aged under 30
  • 22% are aged between 30 and 39
  • 28% are aged between 40 and 49
  • 39% of all staff are 50 and over


  • Increased Tasmania Prison Service program offerings for the mandatory treatment of sex offenders
  • The establishment of the Planning Policy Unit to lead future legislative and policy reforms
  • The release of Breaking the Cycle – A Safer Community: Strategies for Improving Throughcare for Offenders 2016-2020
  • Planning and consultation around the establishment of Corrections Tasmania
  • 17 Bills were introduced into or passed by Parliament


  • Further work on implementing iplan, allowing real time access to planning and building rules
  • Scoping work to establish the most appropriate model for a consolidated civil and administrative tribunal
  • Development of a case management system for the Office of the Public Guardian
  • Upgrade of the electronic security systems within the Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison
  • Supreme Court of Tasmania Security Upgrades
  • Structural reform within the Tasmanian Planning Commission


Annual Report 2016-17

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