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Tribunals, board and commissions

Tribunals are usually less formal than courts. They resolve disputes, such as arguments between neighbours about plants and trees, planning applications and appeals, workers compensation claims or social security disputes.


Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT)

The Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT) is a statewide, specialist Tribunal. It resolves applications, appeals and other matters through mediations and conciliations and conducting hearings, in matters such as workers compensation disputes, planning appeals, anti-discrimination cases and more.

The following Tribunals are now individual parts of TASCAT:

  • Guardianship Stream
  • Mental Health Stream
  • Resource and Planning Stream
  • Personal Compensation Stream, which includes:
    • Asbestos Compensation
    • Motor Accident Compensation
    • Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation
  • Anti-Discrimination Stream
  • Health Practitioners Stream
  • Forest Practices Stream

For information about making an application to the Tribunal, what happens when a matter is with the Tribunal, decisions of the Tribunal and more, go to the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT) website (external link).

Parole Board of Tasmania

The Parole Board makes decisions about which prisoners will be released on parole and any conditions of a prisoners parole. For information about how the Parole Board makes these decisions and a listing of decisions, go to the Parole Board of Tasmania website.

Tasmanian Industrial Commission

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission role is to conciliate and arbitrate to resolve industrial disputes, and set wage rates and terms and conditions of employment, mainly for the Tasmanian State Service.

For daily lists for hearings with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, information on going to hearings, decisions and more, go to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission website (external link).

Tasmanian Planning Commission

The Tasmanian Planning Commission reviews, advises on, and determines land use and development matters.

For planning schemes for Tasmanian municipalities, outcomes of hearings and more, go to the Tasmanian Planning Commission website (external link).

Mining Tribunal

The Mining Tribunal is a division of the Magistrates Court and deals with disputes, mediation and other matters around a mineral tenement, prospecting, exploring or mining.

Go to the Mining Tribunal webpage.