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Information for Legal Advisors

There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that exists between Tasmania Prison Service and the Law Society of Tasmania which forms the basis of an agreement between the parties regarding professional visits and telephone calls between legal representatives and their clients.

The General Provisions of the MoU are as follows:-

  • Legal representatives will make every effort to schedule visits and telephone calls with their clients at least 24 hours in advance and during the normal visiting hours of the facility at which the client is accommodated.
  • The TPS will make provision for legal representatives to have timely and confidential access to their clients.
  • Where urgent and essential contact with a client is required, legal representatives will make all reasonable effort to provide as much notice as possible and the TPS will endeavour to meet the legal representative’s needs. While every effort will be made to facilitate contact it is acknowledged that, on occasions, operational considerations and the high demand for professional visits may impact on the Prison Service’s ability to provide access on short notice or at the requested times.

Legal Telephone Calls

Prisoners may initiate contact with their legal representatives via the Arunta telephone system during their normal out-of-cell hours. Calls from prisoners are limited to 10 minutes duration to ensure equitable access to the telephone system by all prisoners.

In the instance where a lawyer is required to place a legal call to their client, a booking will be required. Each legal call placed to an inmate is limited to 20 minutes duration – if a longer conversation is required, a double booking will need to be made in advance.

Calls between legal representatives and their clients will not be monitored or recorded.


Legal representatives will endeavour to book professional visits and telephone calls at least 24 hours in advance. The routine visit times and contact details are detailed below.

By prior arrangement, and where operational considerations allow, the TPS will facilitate urgent and essential legal appointments on days where visits are not routinely scheduled.

Telephone: (03) 616 57400