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Feedback Policy

This Policy establishes a process for members of the public to provide feedback about the Department’s services when they believe that we have failed to meet the Service Standards listed in the Policy, or that our facilities were not adequate. Such feedback will assist the Department in understanding where it can provide a better service.

In addition to establishing a process for handling complaints, this policy also encourages users of our services to provide positive feedback, as appropriate.

Examples of matters that this Policy covers include:

  • communication by a staff member that does not adhere to the Service Standards;
  • behaviour by a staff member that does not comply with the Service Standards;
  • unreasonable delay in providing information or services;
  • inadequate service, explanation or reasons;
  • human error;
  • procedural deficiency;
  • inadequate knowledge/training of staff;
  • poor facilities (such as unclean toilets, inadequate seating).

Feedback Policy (DOCX, 72.5 KB)