Tasmania Prison Service

Phone calls and messages

Prisoners and remandees are not permitted to receive telephone calls. They can, however, make telephone calls via a telephone system known as Unity.

To connect to the Unity Telephone System the prisoner/remandee must open a telephone account and nominate the name, address and telephone number of the person(s) they wish to maintain telephone contact with.

Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) staff will then carry out security checks on the telephone numbers provided by the prisoner/remandee. Telephone calls to banned persons, ex-prisoners, 1800 numbers or businesses are not permitted.

Up to eight numbers may be nominated. Five of the nominated numbers may be family and/or friends. Three of the numbers may be a legal representative and/or professional service providers.

Personal telephone calls made by remandees and prisoners are subject to routine monitoring by the TPS. This monitoring may include recording phone calls.

Updated: 10th January 2022