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Public Interest Disclosure

The purpose of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002 (the Act) is to encourage and facilitate the making of disclosures about the improper conduct of public officers or public bodies. The Act provides protection to people who make disclosures in accordance with the Act, and establishes a system by which the matters disclosed can be investigated and action to rectify any deficiencies can be taken.

The procedures below establish a system for reporting disclosures of improper or corrupt conduct by the Department of Justice or its officers or employees. The procedures were approved by the Ombudsman under s 60(3) of the Act on 24 August 2017.

Reporting a disclosure

A disclosure about improper conduct or detrimental action by the Department or one of its officers may be made to:

Should you wish to make an oral disclosure to the Department, this may be made to any member, officer or employee of the Department. The general telephone number for the Department is 6165 4943.

Should you wish to submit a written disclosure to the department, please address to:

Department of Justice
GPO Box 825
Hobart 7001

Or alternatively deliver directly to the Department at level 14, 110 Collins Street Hobart.

Within the Department of Justice, the following employees or officers have functions under the Act. You may wish to direct your disclosure directly to one of these individuals.

  • Secretary (Principal Officer) – Ms Kathrine Morgan-Wicks
  • Deputy Secretary Corrections - Mr Nick Evans
  • Deputy Secretary Administration of Justice – Mrs Kristy Bourne
  • Director Human Resources - Mrs Kerrie Crowder
  • Assistant Director Organisational Development and HR Strategy – Mr John Withers.

More information

Public Interest Disclosures policy (PDF, 551.2 KB)