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Department of Justice

Annual Report 2015-16

Message from the Secretary

The Department’s guiding aim is to achieve a safe, fair and just Tasmania.

I am proud of the commitment of our staff in progressing this aim. To illustrate this focus, key highlights of this year include:

  • programs and legislative reforms that further the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to reducing family violence and providing support to those experiencing it. Many Department outputs support the multi-agency Safe at Home initiative, and their work aims to help offenders change their behaviours, and support adult and child victims
  • legislative reforms and the introduction of a single statewide planning scheme that support the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to a faster and simpler planning system
  • initiatives that support the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to reducing ‘red tape’ and regulatory burden on industry, including new building legislation
  • the continued work of the registration scheme for people working with children, to reduce the possibility of children’s harm or neglect
  • programs that support positive behavioural change in the community, across many Department outputs, in work health and safety, driver safety, drug offending, and sex offending
  • reviewing and amending the legislation that underpins our programs, policies and initiatives - and our Tasmanian community as a whole - to ensure it stays relevant and contemporary
  • ensuring our online information meets international standards for accessibility
  • supporting our staff through training, safety and wellbeing initiatives that enable them to perform to their highest level.

These are just a handful of examples of the work achieved by Department staff and office-holders, sometimes in collaboration with other Tasmanian and Australian Government agencies, with professionalism and commitment to truly serving the public. You will find more in the following pages of this annual report, and I look forward to another successful year ahead.

Simon Overland

About us

Here's a snapshot of our Department as at 30 June 2016. Download our Annual Report from the links below to read about us in more detail.


1,190.51 full time equivalent (fte) staff

697 women

  • 466 female full-time staff
  • 231 female part-time staff

556 men

  • 527 male full-time staff
  • 29 male part-time


  • 37% of all staff are 50 and over.
  • 210 staff in the 45-49 age group

DoJ services

  • Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Community Corrections
  • Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
  • Crown Law
  • Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service
  • Strategic Legislation and Policy
  • Tasmania Prison Service
  • Victims Support Services
  • WorkSafe Tasmania


  • First stage of legislation for the mandatory treatment of sex offenders
  • Legislative changes to reduce red tape in the building industry
  • Introduced right to appeal legislation on the basis of fresh and compelling evidence
  • Implement reforms to improve the effectiveness of the Response to Family Violence
  • 15 Bills were introduced into or passed by Parliament


  • Review of Tasmania's Building Regulatory Framework
  • Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Project
  • Investigation into a single tribunal in Tasmania
  • The Tasmanian Planning Scheme

Quick facts

The Department

  • administers 229 Acts of Parliament
  • has staff in 45 office/building locations across the State
  • granted 56,870 people registration to work with vulnerable people
  • awarded nearly $9.5 million worth of contracts


The Department is responsible to the following Ministers

  • Hon Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC
    Attorney-General; Minister for Justice; Minister for Corrections
  • Hon Peter Gutwein MP
    Treasurer; Minister for Planning and Local Government
  • Hon Guy Barnett MP
    Minister for Building and Construction; Minister for Resources


The annual report has been divided into a number of smaller-sized files for ease of downloading:

Download full document (pdf, 3.0 MB)

Visit the LINC online archive for earlier annual reports.