Monetary Penalty Community Service Orders (MPCSOs)

If you think you cannot pay, even by instalments, you may be able to apply for an MPCSO.

You cannot apply for an MPCSO if:

  • you have been refused one in the last 12 months, unless there has been a material change in your circumstances; or
  • a warrant of commitment has already been issued.

What is an MPCSO?

An MPCSO involves undertaking work under supervision of a Probation Officer from the Community Corrections Service. The Probation Officer would direct you as to the work you would do and when and where you would have to do it. All work would need to be to the satisfaction of the Probation Officer.  The number of hours you would need to work is calculated at the rate of 7 hours for each $168 or part $168 you owe. Therefore if you owed $170 you would have to work 14 hours.

How to apply for an MPCSO?

If you wish to apply for an MPCSO you must submit an application for payment variation form indicating your application is for an MPCSO. You must also provide supporting documents like bank statements and tax returns.

Assessing your application

Your application will only be accepted if you are assessed as having absolutely no capacity to pay. If you are employed or receiving benefits it is very unlikely your application would be successful.

If MPES finds that you do not have any capacity to pay, your application for an MPCSO will be forwarded to Community Corrections for assessment of your suitability. You will be kept informed during this process.


If an MPCSO is granted, you must comply with the conditions of the order and obey the directions of the Probation Officer. Failure to do so could result in the court ordering you serve a term of imprisonment.