Pay by Instalments

If you are unable to pay in full by the due date, you may apply to MPES to pay by instalments.

How to apply

Phone MPES on 1300 366 776. Usually you can arrange instalment payments over the telephone.

If you owe a large amount, you will have to submit a variation of payment conditions form and provide extra documents such as bank statements, tax returns and proof of income.


  • To avoid getting an enforcement order (and a fee) you should
    • apply to MPES within 28 days of the notice issue date if you need more time to pay; and
    • pay the agreed instalments on time.
  • If you do receive an enforcement order
    • you only have 14 days from the date of issue to pay the monetary penalty shown on the enforcement order, including the enforcement order fee, before enforcement sanctions are imposed.
    • if you are unable to pay in full within 14 days then you can apply to pay by instalments provided you haven't been refused or defaulted on such an application in the previous 12 months.
    • if you fail to pay in full or in accordance with an approved re-payment plan you will be subject to enforcement sanctions.

In some cases, you may be eligible for your penalty to be converted to a Monetary Penalties Community Service Order.