Enforcement Orders

Enforcement orders can be issued for any infringement notice or court fine that you:

  • do not pay by the due date or make an arrangement with MPES to pay; or
  • are paying by agreed instalments, if you miss paying an instalment on time.

An enforcement order costs you an extra $90.50 and makes you eligible for enforcement sanctions.

However, if you've received an enforcement order, you may still be able to arrange to pay by instalments and avoid any sanctions. You will have to pay the extra $90.50 though.

Applying to suspend enforcement order

You may also be able to apply to suspend the enforcement order.

You must do this either

  • within 14 days of becoming aware of the orders existence; or
  • within 6 months after the service of the order, whichever occurred earliest.

You must apply on the Application For Suspension of an Enforcement Order form and set out in full the reasons for the application.

You will be given notice of the result of your application.

If an application to suspend an enforcement order is approved then, within 28 days you must do one of the following:

  • pay the original penalty in full;
  • apply to pay by instalments;
  • apply to the issuing authority for withdrawal of the infringement notice;
  • apply to the court to have the conviction set aside or the sentence varied.

If no applications are made or if all applications are refused and the penalty is not paid, the suspension of your enforcement order may be revoked and enforcement sanctions imposed immediately.


If you ignore an enforcement order enforcement sanctions will commence.