Application for Election for Court Hearing form Adobe PDF icon

If you wish to have the offences contained in an infringement notice, issued by a State Government authority, determined by a court or if you wish to argue that the penalty should be reduced you can elect to contest the matter in court.

To elect a court hearing you can make application using this form.

If you have elected to contest an infringement notice offence the relevant issuing authority will serve a summons on you requiring your attendance in court.  If the issuing authority decides not to prosecute they will advise you in writing.

You cannot elect a court hearing if you have already paid the penalty in full or part or applied for a variation of payment conditions.

Application for Variation of Payment Conditions form Adobe PDF icon

If you can't pay an infringement notice or court fine within the time allowed, you may apply to pay by instalments. This can be done over the telephone unless you are requesting assessment for a Monetary Penalties Community Service Order (MPCSO) or you require more than six (6) months to pay.

If your application is approved the Director will issue a Variation of Payment Conditions Notice (VPCN).  This notice sets out the conditions of the varied payment arrangements and must be complied with.  Failure to pay as directed will result in enforcement action.

Application For Suspension of an Enforcement Order form Adobe PDF icon

You may use this form to make application for the suspension of an enforcement order where it relates to a monetary penalty imposed under an infringement notice.

You cannot use this form for an enforcement order if it relates to a court imposed monetary penalty or if you have:

  • made a previous application;
  • partially paid the monetary penalty; or
  • made application for a VPCN.

If granted further enforcement action is suspended for a period of 28 days.  If you do nothing within this period enforcement action will re-commence.

The suspension of an enforcement order does not waive the enforcement fee.

Authority for an Agent to make enquiries on your behalf Adobe PDF icon

Use this form to authorise another person to act on your behalf.  Unless authorisation is received MPES will not discuss your case with anyone else.

These forms are also all available from any Service Tasmania shop.

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