Infringement Notices

How can you deal with your infringement notice issued by the Tasmanian State Government?

Within 28 days of its issue date, you must do one of the following:

If you do nothing, an enforcement order will be issued.


An enforcement order costs you $90.50 more and allows enforcement sanctions to be imposed.

If you do nothing, you will be deemed convicted of the offence, the same as if you had paid.

In some circumstances you may apply to the court to have the deemed conviction set aside.  If you haven't:

  • paid the infringement in part or in full; or
  • applied to MPES to pay by instalments.

you may be able to apply to the court to have the conviction set aside or the penalty varied.

If you apply to have the deemed conviction set aside, you will also need to provide the court with:

  • a copy of the original infringement notice or enforcement order; and
  • a statutory declaration stating your reasons, including reasons for not electing a court hearing at the time the notice was issued