Enforcement Sanctions

If you ignore an enforcement order, enforcement sanctions will be imposed.

Each enforcement sanction has an extra fee that is added to what you owe. This is in addition to the $90.50 enforcement order fee.

Image of a blue car with the word seized over it

MPES may use these enforcement sanctions.



Suspend your driver licence or eligibility to hold a driver licence


Suspend registration of vehicles registered to you


Publish your name, address, driver licence number, and details of your penalty on the MPES website


Issue an enforcement warrant to:

  • Impose a charge on any land you have an interest in


  • Seize and sell your property


  • Redirect money that belongs to you. This may be to your employer, a financial institution or other entity holding money on your behalf


These sanctions can be used in any order and any number can be applied at the same time.

If property is seized and sold, you will be liable for any expenses incurred during this process.

Payment in full at anytime will halt enforcement action.

If your driver licence or vehicle registration has been suspended, MPES may, if you have not previously defaulted on a repayment plan, cancel the suspension if satisfied that you are paying and are likely to continue to pay in accordance with agreed terms.  MPES will advise you in writing if this occurs.  Any other enforcement sanction will not be cancelled until payment in full is made.

If you still don't pay then a warrant of commitment to imprison you will be issued charge $90.50