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Leave from prison

A person registered on the Eligible Persons Register is eligible to receive information relating to a prisoner being granted leave from prison.

Work release

Leave may be granted to prisoners for work release purposes, such as employment in maintenance and work crews assigned to government facilities (Parliament House, Government House, Botanical Gardens, cemeteries), other prison facilities, fire brigade, etc. 

This leave falls under Section 41 of the Corrections Act 1997 and is commonly referred to as "Section 41 Leave".

Any Section 41 Leave that involves work in a public area will be advised.

Registrants are not advised of leave granted for work performed in areas that are not generally accessible to members of the public.  

Other leave

Leave can also be granted to prisoners for a number of other purposes, such as re-integration, family re-socialisation, pre-release, cultural reasons, educational purposes, work experience, rehabilitation programs, special events, etc. 

This leave falls under Section 42 of the Corrections Act 1997 and is commonly referred to as "Section 42 Leave".

Leave is also available for emergency reasons such as the death or illness of a family member or attendance at family court.

Re-integration leave is provided to those prisoners who are eligible to apply for parole in the next 12 months to facilitate a smooth transition back into the community both for themselves and family members.

Information relating to Section 41 and Section 42 Leave is only available to people who are registered on the Eligible Persons Register.

Where there is insufficient time to provide written notification, Victims Support Services will notify the registered person by telephone.

Advice may not be provided for urgent medical attention or in the case of an urgent relocation.