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Eligible Persons Register

(previously known as the Victims Register)

What is the Eligible Persons Register?

The Eligible Persons Register is an automated database run by Victims Support Services that allows victims - if they choose - to be given information about an offender's location and progress in the prison system.

What information is kept on the register?

A victim's name, address and telephone number, the name of the offender/s involved and the nature and date of the crime.

Contact details are needed so that we can keep victims updated. People can leave the register by advising us in writing of their wish to do so.

Who will have access to the register?

Access to this information is limited to staff of the Department of Justice with a genuine and essential need to have access.  Information will not be available to offenders or other persons.

Why be on the register?

Primarily for your peace of mind. We can give you updates of a prisoner's location, classification, parole and hearing dates, as well as possible release times.