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During court

There are courts in many Tasmanian cities, including, Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.

You might have to go to court more than once because it can take longer than one day.

You will be asked in court to tell your story about what happened, just like you did with the police. This is called ‘giving your evidence’.

Some people get to give their evidence in court and some give their evidence in another room called the Remote Witness Room.

The judge or magistrate will listen to you give your evidence from the Remote Witness Room. This means you don’t have to go into the courtroom to tell your story.

In the Remote Witness Room there are special TVs, a camera and a microphone. There will be two TV screens. On one you will see a picture of a judge or magistrate. On the other screen will be the prosecutor of defence lawyer. A camera films you while you are sitting in the chair. You will be seen on a TV in the courtroom.

Who will be in the Remote Witness Room with you?

Your support person will be there and so will a security officer.

What you can do

  • speak in a loud, clear voice
  • answer the questions slowly
  • if you can’t answer the question straight away it is OK to think for a little bit
  • you may ask to go to the toilet
  • you may ask for a glass of water

What you can’t do

  • you cannot talk to your support person when you are telling your story or giving evidence
Updated: 4th April 2022