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Corrective Services
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Adult offenders

Corrective Services enables people who are found guilty of offences to achieve socially responsible behaviour, thereby reducing re-offending and contributing to a safer society.

Corrective Services Tasmania includes Community Corrections and the Tasmania Prison Service. Both of these divisions work to achieve common goals as stated above.

The Parole Board is a statutory body and operates independently from Corrective Services. However, Corrective Services provides secretarial and administrative assistance to the Parole Board.

Strategic direction

The strategic direction of the Corrections system as a whole in Tasmania is described in Breaking the Cycle: Tasmanian Corrections Plan (2011-2020).

Strategic Infrastructure Projects

The Strategic Infrastructure Projects unit initiates and manages major projects within the Tasmanian Department of Justice. The projects focus on the infrastructure required to provide for custodial corrections in the prisons and access to justice through the courts.