Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison

The Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison upgrade was completed in October 2018, with the official opening of the Dr Vanessa Goodwin cottages.

The $2.6 million project, which includes five specifically designed rooms to cater for mothers and their babies, was named to honour the public service of former Attorney-General and Minister for Corrections Dr Vanessa Goodwin.

The cottages were opened by Premier Will Hodgman and Attorney-General Elise Archer.

Department of Justice Secretary Kathrine Morgan-Wicks congratulated all involved in bringing the project to fruition.

You can see photos of the opening and of the facilities in the image gallery.

Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison

Upgrades to Division 7 are now complete to accommodate prisoners with physical and age-related disabilities.

A small number of prisoners worked alongside nine Tasmanian companies on this project.

These prisoners worked on the demolition of old infrastructure, steel fabrication and painting.

You can see photos of the completed facilities in the image gallery.

Updated: 19th February 2019