Project Overview

The fastest growing prison population group in Tasmania recently has been remandees. A remandee is a person held in custody pending the outcome of a court hearing. This includes a person who has been convicted, but not yet sentenced by the courts.

Until now Tasmania has had no separate remand facility. Remandees have been housed within the general prison population across Tasmania Prison Service facilities.

The new Southern Remand Centre (SRC) is the state’s first facility designed specifically for people on remand. The SRC will allow remandees to be housed separately from sentenced offenders, in line with best practice.

Infographic of SRC benefits

Improving Tasmania’s Correctional Infrastructure

The Tasmanian Government has invested $70 million into this project.

This forms part of their commitment to maximise opportunities for rehabilitation and improve the state’s correctional facilities.

The SRC will help to reduce pressure on our prison system by significantly increasing capacity.

The SRC can accommodate up to 156 male remandees across the two units, with shared recreational spaces.

A Design Focused on Rehabilitation

The SRC design sets a new benchmark for the state’s correctional infrastructure. Key features of the state-of-the art design include:

  • Use of natural light
  • Connection to landscape and open spaces
  • Good acoustics
  • Use of colours and materials that create a rehabilitative space.

This is all achieved whilst still meeting the strict security and safety requirements of a contemporary correctional facility.

Upgrading Shared Facilities

Additional $9.34 million has been provided to upgrade shared facilities in the Risdon Prison Complex (RPC) to meet increased demands. The facility upgrades include improvements to:

  • The Gatehouse
  • Prisoner Processing
  • Visits Centre
  • The Health Centre.

Location of the SRC

The SRC is located between the existing RPC and the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison.

Project Timeline

Practical completion of the Southern Remand Centre and Risdon Prison Complex upgrades occurred on April 29 2022.

Following commissioning work by the TPS, the facility was officially opened on 6 July 2022.

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Image gallery

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Remand Centre cafeteria
Common area
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Interior of a Remand Centre cell
Cell interior
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The Remand Centre courtyard
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Courtyard at the Southern Remand Centre
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Outdoor dining area with tables and benches
Outdoor tables
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Outdoor netball court
Sports court
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Outdoor area at the Remand Centre
Outdoor area
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Outdoor gym at the Remand Center
Outdoor gym
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Indoor recreation room at the Remand Centre
Recreation room

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Updated: 14th September 2022