Why we need a new remand centre

The fastest growing prison population group is remandees.  A remandee is a person in custody pending the outcome of a court hearing, including a person who has been convicted but not yet sentenced.

Remandees currently represent around one third of the prison population in Tasmania.

Tasmania has no separate remand facility, so remandees are accommodated within the general prison population.

Building a new remand centre will mean we can house remandees separately from sentenced prisoners, in line with best practice operational guidelines.

About the Southern Remand Centre

Construction of the Southern Remand Centre is part of the Government’s commitment to optimising opportunities for rehabilitation and improving facilities in response to growing demand.

It will be built on an available site in the existing Risdon Prison Complex. It will be constructed within the current term of government and provide 140 dedicated remand beds.

Facilities in the Complex will be upgraded to support the new Remand Centre. This includes an upgrade and extension of the visitor centre, a new kitchen and upgrades to the gatehouse, prisoner processing area and health centre.

Our current activities

The preliminary works for the new Southern Remand Centre have been completed and the project is now entering the next stage.

On 19 December 2019, the Minister for Corrections, the Hon. Elise Archer MP, announced that Hansen Yuncken has been appointed as the Managing Contractor for the main construction phase of the project. It is anticipated construction of the new facility will start in March 2020, with the Remand Centre expected to be operational by the end of 2021.

Questions or comments?

Feel free to contact us at: mailto:Southern.RemandCentre@justice.tas.gov.au

Updated: 19th December 2019