Project Overview

In recent years, the fastest growing prison population group in Tasmania has been remandees. A remandee is a person held in custody pending the outcome of a court hearing, including a person who has been convicted but not yet sentenced.

Tasmania has no separate remand facility, with remandees currently accommodated within the general prison population and dispersed throughout Tasmania Prison Service facilities. Building a new remand centre will mean remandees can be housed separately from sentenced prisoners, in line with best practice operational guidelines.

The Tasmanian Government is investing $70 million into this project as part of their commitment to optimising opportunities for rehabilitation and improving correctional facilities, in response to growing demand.

The Southern Remand Centre will be built between the existing Risdon Prison Complex and the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison, and will provide 156 beds.

In addition, funding of $9.34 million is provided to upgrade shared facilities in the Risdon Prison Complex to meet the increased service demands. The facility upgrades include improvements to the Gatehouse, Prisoner Processing, the Visits Centre and upgrades and an expansion of the Health Centre.

Practical completion of the Southern Remand Centre and Risdon Prison Complex Upgrades work is late March 2022.

Southern Remand Centre Site Progress

Work onsite is progressing well with the Acacia (R1), Clinic and Blue Gum (R2) building structures now all significantly advanced.

Internal painting of the Acacia and Blue Gum buildings is continuing with placement of feature colours throughout currently underway.

External civil works are advancing with fencing footings being poured and a basketball court slab soon to be poured.

Other work underway onsite includes:

  • Cell waterproofing and epoxy works Acacia
  • Wall and ceiling framing throughout
  • Cell window glass installation
  • Installation of skylights in Blue Gum
  • Sally Port works continuing

RPC Shared Facilities Upgrades progress

Refurbishment work is currently occurring in the Gatehouse, Visits Centre and prisoner processing areas and a new extension to the Health Building is also underway.

Work currently occurring onsite includes:

  • Continuation of service work in the Health Extension (hydraulic, mechanical, electrical)
  • Block laying continuing in Visits
  • Courtyard civil work continuing in the Health Extension
  • Continuation of the installation of the ceiling in the Visits Centre
  • Painting to commence in the Health, Visits and Gatehouse

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Aerial photograph of the Southern Remand Centre construction Artist impression of Day Room 1

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Updated: 1st September 2021