Project Overview

Tasmania currently has its main prison facilities in the south of the State.

Almost half of the current prison population is from the north or north-west region of Tasmania. Families and support networks currently have to travel longer distances to visit them in the south of the State and many are not able to do so regularly. A new prison will alleviate some pressure on these groups.

The new Northern Regional Prison will be constructed in two stages and on completion will accommodate up to 270 prisoners and remandees. Stage one of the prison to house 140 prisoners is due to be completed in the next five years, with full completion in 10 years.

The prison will employ hundreds of people during construction and will employ around 250 people once in full operation.

The Tasmanian Government is investing $270 million into this project. The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs during construction with flow on benefits to the Tasmanian community providing opportunities for business to support its operation.

Once the facility is fully operational, the Department of Justice will support the local economy through the use local contractors and suppliers, wherever possible.

Site location

This site, located on Birralee Road in Valley Central has been selected as it best meets the criteria from our selection process, which includes connectivity to major population centres in the north and north west and location to services and transport routes.

Design and safety

Community safety is our number one priority. We are designing a modern prison complex that will provide secure accommodation and facilities for the prison population it houses.

The new prison will have multiple security features to ensure the safety of staff, prisoners, visitors and the wider community.

It will include a continuous concrete wall topped by an anti-climb design feature and will be six metres high. This will provide a physical and visual screen between the prison and the surrounding area.

For security and safety purposes, the secure perimeter of the prison is required to be illuminated from dusk until after dawn to allow for visual detection of movement and to facilitate the 24-hour operation of the prison.

The design phase of the prison will explore every option to reduce any visual impacts of the lighting.

Artist's impressions

View the artist's impressions of the new Northern Regional Prison.

Frequently asked questions

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Community engagement

In the coming weeks, our project team will be holding further information sessions for the local community regarding the preferred site for the Northern Regional Prison.

Go to our Community Engagement page for the event details.

Choosing the site

Go to the Choosing the site page for the siting principles and Siting Panel membership.

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Project timeline

Updated: 20th November 2019