Update on due diligence investigations

Following the recent announcement of the election outcome, work on the due diligence required to inform the combined Planning Scheme Amendment and Development Application (DA) to be submitted to the Meander Valley Council is being progressed.

As part of the extensive due diligence investigations being undertaken, an additional six geo-technical core holes will be drilled on the site in coming weeks.  The purpose of these investigations is to provide the Department with an understanding of the sub-surface geo-technical conditions of the land.

The necessary Works Authority has been obtained that includes conditions to manage the sensitive natural values on the site.

The Works Authority (PDF, 245.9 KB) and accompanying Environmental Management Plan (PDF, 1.0 MB) are available for download.

The submission to the Meander Valley Council will cover all aspects of the project  including:

  • infrastructure  services,
  • natural  values,
  • bushfire management,
  • lighting,
  • noise,
  • traffic  impacts,
  • Aboriginal and Historic (European) heritage,
  • statutory planning and
  • prison design.

The Department is in the process of engaging consultants to finalise the following reports:

  • Natural Values  Assessment;
  • Bushfire Risk Management;
  • Agricultural  Assessment;
  • Geoheritage  Assessment;
  • Statutory planning issues; and
  • Service infrastructure.

These assessments and reports will support the preparation of the combined Planning Scheme Amendment and DA, and will be made publicly available when they are submitted to Meander Valley Council.

Based on preliminary investigations to date, the map below indicates the area for the proposed Northern Regional Prison.

Map showing proposed location of Northern Regional Prison in Birralee Rd area

Access to site during drilling works

Access to the designated area will be restricted while drilling works are occurring.

The contractors have statutory obligations to ensure a safe worksite and therefore, normal public access to the work area will be restricted to authorised contractors, consultants and Department of Justice employees for the duration of the works.

Unauthorised entrance to the work area cannot be permitted whilst works are underway.

Signage will be in place for the duration of the works to alert the public to access restrictions applying to the worksite.

Access to the balance of the site is not affected by the drilling works.

The restricted access will be in place until completion of the works.

Project Overview

Tasmania currently has its main prison facilities in the south of the State.

Almost half of the current prison population is from the north or north-west region of Tasmania. Families and support networks currently have to travel longer distances to visit them in the south of the State and many are not able to do so regularly. A new prison will alleviate some pressure on these groups.

The new Northern Regional Prison will be constructed in two stages and on completion will accommodate up to 270 prisoners and remandees.  Stage one of the prison to house 140 prisoners is due to be completed in the next five years, with full completion in 10 years.

The prison will employ hundreds of people during construction and will employ around 250 people once in full operation.

The Tasmanian Government is investing $270 million into this project. The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs during construction with flow on benefits to the Tasmanian community providing opportunities for business to support its operation.

Once the facility is fully operational, the Department of Justice will support the local economy through the use of local contractors and suppliers, wherever possible.

Frequently asked questions

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Updated: 23rd June 2021