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What do I write?

There are a few rules about making a Victim Impact Statement.  You should include information about the effects of the crime, such as:

  • If you suffered physical injuries, a description of those injuries including any pain suffered and any treatment you have had or may still be having, together with a statement about how those injuries have impacted on your life.
  • If you suffered financial loss, details of the loss and how the loss has impacted on your life and lifestyle.
  • If you have suffered emotional or psychological harm, a description of how you have suffered (including any treatment) and any impacts on you, your relationships and family, your work, and your lifestyle.
  • Any other effects that you believe are important and should be considered by the court.

You should not include:

  • any detailed description of the crime (the prosecutor will provide this information to the court)
  • any abuse or vilification of the convicted person
  • offensive language
  • comments on the police, court or justice systems
  • an opinion on the sentence that the courts should give

Concentrate on how the offence has affected you and your family.

When you are making a Victim Impact Statement as a result of the unlawful death of a family member, you might wish to include a description of your loved one, such as:

  • who that person was to you
  • the life they led
  • your relationship with them
  • whether you were dependent on them for emotional, financial or physical support
  • how your life has changed as a result of their death