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The benefits

Benefits to you and the Justice system

While every situation is different, victims have found that making a Victim Impact Statement is helpful in coming to terms with the effects of crime. 

Some victims find that while writing a Victim Impact Statement can be challenging, it can also be healing because it helps to acknowledge the reality and extent of the impact of the crime.

By making a Victim Impact Statement, the court will know what the effects of the crime have been on you and will be able to take those into account when sentencing the convicted person.

The Victim Impact Statement is entirely voluntary and if you choose not to make one, the court will not assume that because there is no statement there was little or no harm suffered. 

If you want to make a Victim Impact Statement, you will need to ensure that it gets to Victims Support Services at least five days prior to the expected sentencing of the convicted person.  You can also make changes at any time prior to it being read to the court.