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If you are registered on the Eligible Persons Register you are eligible to receive information about a prisoner's applications for parole.

The Parole Board meets regularly to consider applications for parole.

Some prisoners will be eligible to apply for parole after serving a portion of their custodial sentence. 

If parole is applied for and granted, the prisoner will be released back into the community under the supervision of a probation officer. Strict conditions are normally applied. 

Parolees are taken as still being under sentence, and are subject to the conditions of their parole until the expiration of the parole order.

Under the Sentencing Act 1997, a Judge or Magistrate may set a specific non-parole period.  If one isn't set, then a prisoner is not eligible for parole and must serve the full sentence imposed by the courts.

Prisoners sentenced before the implementation of the Sentencing Amendment Act 2007 are eligible to apply for parole after completing half their custodial sentence.

Victims Support Services and the Parole Board work together to ensure that the needs of the victim are taken into account during the parole process.