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Information provided

What information can be provided?

The Eligible Persons Register is an automated database that enables Victims Support Services to provide information to victims of crime about the offender/s who committed the offence/s against them, or a member of their immediate family.

Information provided to the Register is confidential and only be held on the Eligible Persons Register. Access to this information is limited to staff with a genuine and essential need to have such access and will not be available to offenders or other persons.

The Eligible Persons Register provides the following information:

  • the nature of the offence committed and the sentence imposed by the court
  • the location of the offender at the time of registration, and any subsequent transfers
  • the offender's security classification at the time of registration, and any classification changes
  • the offender's release eligibility dates
  • the result of any leave applications such as work release (in public areas) or re-integration leave
  • if the offender applies for parole
  • if the offender escapes from custody
  • if the offender dies while in custody

How frequently will I receive information?

Once we receive your registration form for the Eligible Persons Register, we compile all relevant information regarding the offender at that point in time. 

This information forms the basis of the first letter you will receive. We will try to have this information to you within ten days of receiving your registration.

From that point on, you will receive further correspondence only if any of the agreed information changes (for example if the offender changes location or is allowed leave).  

It is not possible to predict how often this will happen, however, it is important to remember that notification is only possible after Victims Support Services is informed of the change. 

The need for urgent medical treatment or special leave may not be registered with Victims Support Services. 

A victim may enquire about the offender's location at any time.

What if I don't fully understand the information?

The Eligible Persons Register was established to keep victims of crime, or their family members, informed of the progress of an offender through the correctional system.

If you are unsure about the meaning or impact of information sent to you by Victims Support Services regarding an offender, we encourage you to contact us on

  • 6165 7524 or 1300 663 773.