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Making a claim

You can prepare your own application for Victims of Crime Assistance, by completing a Victims of Crime Assistance Application Form (DOC, 17 pages)

Please give as much detail as you can about the date of the offence, the police station it was reported to, the name of the investigating officer, the name of the offender (if known), as well as how the crime has affected you.

Once an application has been received, a Criminal Injuries Compensation Commissioner will review the documentation and decide if your application meets legislative requirements and if any other documents are required.

Victims Support Services will let you know if any further documents are needed.  For example, you may need to provide supporting information such as a report from a psychologist, doctor or dentist, which outlines the injuries you have sustained.

If required, Victims Support Services will obtain information from Tasmania Police or the courts on your behalf.

Allow at least 12 months for your application to be processed.  This will depend on the availability of police files, medical reports and other substantiating information.

Sometimes you may also have to wait for the outcome of the case in the court.

Not all applications for Victims of Crime Assistance are accepted.