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Awards and payments

Awards range from $0 - $30,000 depending on the category of victim and the effects of the crime.  The Commissioner is the only person who can decide the award amount.

Categories of victims are as follows:

  • Primary Victim, or a person against whom an offence of violence has been committed (maximum $30,000)
  • Secondary Victim, such as someone who witnessed the crime, or the parent/guardian of a primary victim who is under 18 (maximum $20,000)
  • Related Victim, such a spouse, partner or immediate family member of a primary victim (maximum $10,000).  Note:  for multiple claims relating to the same incident, the maximum total that can be awarded to related victims is $50,000.

Once a Commissioner has decided the application, they will prepare a 'Reason for Decision' document.  You will be provided with a copy. If a payment for an award has been granted it will be deposited directly into your bank account. Please provide your bank account details in the space provided on your application.